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SMD Facilities Status 

Synergy is achieved through the outstanding teamwork of the best individuals.
Our competent employees work as one and put forth full effort to deliver the highest quality products.

    • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

    • PCB 3D Automated Optical Inspection Facility
    • OPEN, SHORT, PCB Inner and Outer Layer Inspection
    • ICT (In Circuit Tester)

    • By authorizing electrical signals, PIN, SHORT, non-mounting, improper mounting, and reverse mounting defects are checked.
    • CHIP MOUNTER (Panasonic)

    • 2 lines of high-speed mounters are operated with 4 units each.
    • Installation speed 84,000CPH (high efficiency / high quality mounter)
    • X-RAY Inspection Equipment

    • High Resolution FPD(Flat Panel Detector)
    • Detector Tilt Application
    • Navigation User Interface - Real 3D CT
    • Super Precision Focus: 5㎛