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Status of In-house R&D Equipment 

Our passion for R&D never ends.
Our highly reliable microphones are developed through anechoic chambers
and by precision measurement devices.

    • Anechoic Chamber

    • Lower cut-off frequency of 100Hz and 360-degree, omnidirectional measurement.
    • Facility to test each product’s acoustic performance and research characteristics.
    • Free sound field ISO 3745 satisfied.
    • B&K equipment

    • Sensitivity measurement by frequency bands.
    • Signal to noise ratio measurement (S/N).
    • Directional characteristics and 360-degree polar pattern measurement.
    • The output of graphs and figures regarding signals.
    • CATIA V5

    • Complete integration with design data (shape model).
    • Pre- and post-processing are supported to analyze stress, buckling, and proper vibration.
    • Prompt and precise Solver use.
    • Various analysis results are provided.
    • Improved Surface Mesh function.
    • Optimized product design functionality.
    • MOS-call quality test equipment (Mean Opinion Score).

    • Comparison between source signal and final input signal.
    • Quantitative voice assessment
    • PESQ algorithm
    • Performance assessment of car conditions and microphones
    • Wireless communication test equipment__8753ES

    • 30KHz ~ 3GHz or 6GHz
    • Frequency and power sweep
    • Available for 50Ω and 75Ω
    • Time domain, high-frequency measurement, and multiple test sets.
    • Electronic correction module Ecall (option)

Signal analyzer

Signal analyzer_MDO4034B-3 Signal analyzer_MSO71604C Audio analyzer_APx525